What can you expect with an MRA membership? 

Avoid pitfalls.  Learn what to watch out for if you are renting properties in Northern Indiana!?  For example, do you know what documents are necessary to provide a new renter regarding lead based paint?  How about the documents that MUST be filled out?  Do you really know what you must give the prospective renter to avoid hefty fines?  What about Code Enforcement issues and how to deal with them? Or the city rental listing?  MRA members have these answers and are more than willing to share with you.

Save money. Where’s the best place to buy carpet?  Or clean carpets that your tenant has soiled?  Who’s giving deals on a new furnace or a water heater installation?  What about an electrical re-wire at a reasonable price?  Do you just go to the Yellow Pages and pick a name or would you rather talk with someone who uses these sources all the time and can help you find the best at an affordable price?

Streamline your projects.  MRA members have discovered  time saving ideas while implementing the latest tools and products to help you get your projects done quickly.  There’s nothing like having friends that will share with you what they have already learned the hard way.  Some MRA members feel that this type of information is the most valuable benefit they get from our organization.

Make better decisions. Stay informed about what’s really happening in the market. MRA members are aware of the latest developments in Northern Indiana regarding property sales, rental rates, vacancies and possible pending legislation that affects our industry.  All this information will help you make better decisions whether you’re buying or selling as you analyze where the market is heading.

Receive a newsletter. Our newsletter is full of useful information that will give you an edge over the competition. You could spend hundreds of dollars to get the same information that MRA provides its members every month.

Mission Statement

The Michiana Rental Association is committed to inform and educate our members about current significant property ownership, management, and legislative issues.

Members of our Association commit themselves to be a positive and proactive force in our community - particularly with our residents.  This will be accomplished by providing better than average housing and conducting business utilizing the principles of fairness, dignity and respect.


 Code of Ethics 

The property owners, managers, and housing providers of the Michiana Rental Association hereby agree to support and practice the following Code of Ethics:

  1. We will treat our residents with fairness, dignity and respect at all times.

  2. Recognizing that we are in a service business, we will respond promptly to our resident's complaints and maintenance issues. We commit to keeping written records of these issues for the benefit of our residents and ourselves.

  3. We will comply, not only with the letter of the law, but with the spirit of the law regarding fair housing opportunities for all.

  4. We agree to fully comply with Indiana state law regarding security deposits - recognizing that the return of the security deposits are often a source of conflict. We commit to providing written documentation to our residents for any security deposit funds retained by us at the end of the rental period.

  5. We commit to providing "better than average" housing for our residents, recognizing that this will reinforce the markets perceived benefits of renting from MRA members. By "better than average", we mean that, at a minimum our properties will be clean, safe, and attractive.

  6. Desiring to enhance our community, we will make diligent efforts to maintain the exterior and grounds of our properties. We commit to educate our residents about trash disposal and to "police" our properties on a regular basis, taking appropriate action when required. We want to insure that MRA members are viewed as good neighbors.

  7. We will take an active part in our community, volunteering to help others. WE recognize that by giving, we are making a tangible effort to show the community that members of MRA are far different than the average landlord in Michiana.

  8. We commit to excellence in our business dealings at all times.